BlueOcean 2 makes life easier for the client and our tech staff. Our technology platform uses CMS content management system. This allows publishing, editing, modifying, organizing, deleting and maintaining content from a central interface. We can accomidate you because our system moves at the speed of thought!


All our client platform solutions are built in WordPress This is the design technology for all current and future websites. It gives our clients more autonomy, its a cinch to support, smartphone ready, with many templates and plugins saving you lots of money. Yet another example of the Blue Ocean2 commitment to customer centricity.

WEB 3.0

Also referred to as your semantic or intelligent web. All our products utilized this “next generation” version of the web. It enables us to wrap the web around you with connective intelligence; connecting your data, concepts, applications, history and thoughts in an interactive way. Now the Blue Ocean2 products will think like YOU!


Whether desktop, laptop, tablet, smartphone or tin can, we deliver “your message and content anywhere you want. Now your prospects, clients and partners understand your vision, culture, objectives and strategy. They understand your who, why, what and how. They now have “your brand in their hand.